Marksman Cellject Inc. provides systems (hardware and software) for automated cell manipulation. Marksman's systems are capable of injecting suspended cells (e.g., mouse/human oocytes/embryos and zebrafish embryos) with nano- to femto-liter biomolecules or with single sperm, at a high speed, and with a high reproducibility and minimal human intervention.

The injection of a large number of cells (zebrafish embryos and mouse/human oocytes/embryos) is required for applications such as ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), assisted reproduction, reproductive biology and embryonic development studies, mutation screening to identify gene functions, and drug/molecule screen.

Marksman Cellject Inc. offers automated injection systems and embryo holding devices (disposable or reusable) to meet the requirements of high throughput and/or high reproducibility to overcome the problems inherent in manual cell manipulation, such as human fatigue and large variations in success rates due to poor reproducibility.

Our approach fundamentally changes cell manipulation. The several designs of cell holding devices reduce sample immobilization time from minutes to seconds. Based on motion control and computer vision techniques, the automated injection systems operate at a high speed and provides a high success rate, survival rate, and phenotypic rate, capable of replacing/assisting a human operator for highly reproducible cell manipulation.

See an example demonstration video of automated zebrafish/mouse embryo injection. A paper published in PLoS ONE describing one of our zebrafish systems is free for access at the journal's site, and a paper published in PLoS ONE describing one of our mouse systems can be downloaded here.

See our recently released motorized rotational stage MR 805 for orienting biosamples under an inverted microscope.

Our paper on automated microinjection of mouse zygotes was published in the journal PLoS ONE, in July 2011. The paper on the use of the technology for molecule testing can be accessed here.

We presented at the ASRM Annual Meeting Oct. 23-27, 2010 in Denver, Colorado, on our automated sperm manipulation technology. Poster can be downloaded here.

We have completed an animal study in collaboration with TCART, setting the stage for human trials with our robotic ICSI (RICSI) technology.

Dr. Navid Esfandiari presented an invited paper "Robotic ICSI, a novel technique in ART" at the 4th Yazd International Congress in Reproductive Medicine, April 2010, in Yazd, Iran.

Marksman Cellject has closed an investment from First Leaside Vision Fund under the Ontario Commercialization Investment Fund program.

Marksman Cellject releases a motorized rotational stage for orienting biosamples under an inverted microscope, Product Model MR805.

Marksman Cellject received a Market Readiness grant - Phase II from the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Marksman Cellject Inc. was invited to present at World's Best Technologies Showcase in Arlington, Texas.

Marksman Cellject sponsored paper "Autonomous zebrafish embryo injection using a microrobotic system" won the Spansion Best Conference Paper Award at IEEE 2007 Intl. Conf. Automation Sci. and Eng. held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Marksman Cellject Inc. received a Market Readiness grant from the Ontario Centres of Excellence.

Marksman Cellject Inc. filed three U.S./PCT patents on systems and mechanisms for automated cell injection, orientation, and spindle imaging.

Marksman Cellject Inc. and Nikon Canada are entering official partnership on the development and marketing of automated cell injection systems and peripheral devices.